Witches! the Musical

New musical based on the historical events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

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Updated May 30, 2012

Note: Auditioners of all ages encouraged to audition – especially males. We do have dramatic roles for male adults with NO solo singing (for those of you that are more comfortable with straight acting). So kids, drag the adults in with you. (Or they might be turned into a frog…). We also encourage CHORUS members of all ages to audition. Our chorus sings a wide range of music from Salsa, Neo-Baroque period music, Gospel and Rock. AND a Viennese waltz (ok, a couple hundred years ahead of it’s time, but it’s fun.). -Remember to email bandjskinner@comcast.net for an audition time.

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Witches_Audition_Form_2012 (right click to download)

Witches! the Musical – A story of Salem 1692
Produced by Theater Arts Guild – a Skagit Community Theater. http://www.theaterartsguild.org/

This is a world premier show written by Conrad Askland, former music director with Cirque Du Soleil. The score is a combination of rock, hip hop, and classical music styles.

Roles for ages 5-70. Many roles for girls age 12-20 and adults. The chorus has a wide variety of musical styles to perform and we encourage adult singers with choir and/or chorale experience to audition.

We list ages of characters for reference, but we will be casting individuals that are strongest for the part. So we may cast much younger or older than ages listed. As an example: Abigail and Circle Girls could be 13, or they might be 22 with a young look, or a combination of ages. William Stoughton may be 70, or he may be 30 with an older look. For that reason, we truly encourage auditions “of all ages” and for auditioners to know we are flexible in casting according to the talent available.

Auditions will be Tuesday June 5 and Wednesday June 6 from 6pm-9pm at the Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon, WA. Be prepared for an hour audition time: 6:00, 7:00, or 8:00.

When you e-mail the director, please state which date and hour you would prefer.  She will get back to you to confirm.  To setup an audition time email Director Jane Skinner at bandjskinner@comcast.net

Please dress in comfortable clothing.  We will begin with some basic choregraphy movement to warm up.

Feel free to contact the director with any questions.


Witches_Audition_Form_2012 (right click to download)

Artists auditioning should prepare the following:

  1. Sing one minute of a song to backing track, CD or bring sheet music. Style can be contemporary, pop/rock, classical or Broadway song. For “Circle Girls” we suggest rock or hip hop. For adult males we suggest Broadway or Classical style.
  2. One minute monologue
EXCEPTIONS: Role of Cotton Mather and Master do not need to sing. Role of William Stoughton only needs to sing a Baroque or Classical period song (Bach, Vivaldi recitative or aria, etc.).

Production dates will be Oct. 19 – Nov. 3, 2012 at the Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon, WA.


  1. There are solo parts for many characters not listed that will be pulled from the Chorus Ensemble.
  2. “Circle Girls” have roles for girls age 9-19 that might not usually get cast for leads in other shows.
  3. Two of the “Circle Girl” roles are for classical singers that may not have a lot of stage experience.
  4. William Stoughton role is for an older male who’s a classically trained bass vocalist. A good audition song would be anything by JS Bach or any Baroque recitative or aria.
  5. Dorcas Good role is for a 5-7 year old with some singing. A good audition song would be anything that shows strong memory of pitch placement.
  6. This will be a world premiere event. We will be recording an Original Cast Soundtrack and Video.
  7. Master role has no lines or singing. It is for a very tall, thin male.
  8. Our story takes place during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The story is dark, twisted and heart breaking but it’s also a historical event. Our story is a combination of actual events and fiction.
  9. Mrs. Sibley role does not have a solo song, but has many solo lines throughout. It is a smaller supporting role.
  10. Tituba role is for a Mezzo, a full bodied woman, age 30-60, preferably of ethnic background and/or the ability to project a depth of emotion from party to pathos. She is powerful and strong. Tituba’s most important attribute is a soul with mojo. Tituba is a family slave and is treated as such per the 17th century time period. She has several solos and it is a featured role. Good audition song would be a Pop ballad by Whitney Houston or Maria Carey – and then a Broadway song that shows speed and power.

PLEASE NOTE: Ages for roles are general target ranges and windows. Actual ages of artists will vary depending on the talent that auditions. We are looking for auditioners of all ages. Also, ranges of songs will be adjusted according to final casting.



WILLIAM STOUGHTON: 40-62, (Bass) chief court justice, big man large voice (in charge of trials)
JOHN HATHORNE: 30-51, (Baritone) trial judge (cynical, sadistic)
GEORGE HERRICK: 30-50, (Baritone) Salem marshall
DR. WILLIAM GRIGGS: 30-60, (Baritone/Tenor) town doctor (pervert)


BETTY PARRIS: 9-11, (Mezzo) daughter of Rev. Parris, innocent, loveable
ANN PUTNAM, JR.: 12-15, (Alto/Mezzo) snot nose chubby brat, bossy
ELIZABETH HUBBARD: 16-20, maidservant to Dr. Griggs
MARY WARREN: 16-20, (Mezzo/Soprano) maidservant to John Proctor, easily coerced
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: 12-16, (Mezzo) kinfolk to Rev. Parris, headstrong, quirky
MAY WALCOTT: 12-19, (Soprano)
MERCY LEWIS: 12-19, (Alto/Mezzo)
SUSANNAH SHELDON: 12-19, (Soprano/Mezzo)


TITUBA: 30-60, (Mezzo) Parris family slave
DORCAS GOOD: 5-7, daughter of Sarah Good, innocent beggar girl
SARAH GOOD: 37, (Mezzo) homeless beggar, desperate, ill temper
REBECCA TOWNE NOURSE: 50-71, hard of hearing, wholesome
BRIDGET BISHOP: looks 25-40, (Alto or Mezzo) sexy brawling bombshell
JOHN PROCTOR: 30-60, (Tenor) outspoken farmer
ELIZABETH PROCTOR: 30-60, wife of John Proctor
MRS. MARY SIBLEY: 35-70, (Mezzo or Soprano) Puritan busy body
REV. SAMUEL PARRIS: 35-55, (Baritone) minister of Salem Town church (businessman)

CONGREGATION: Puritans from Salem Village (all ages)
TOWN PEOPLE: Non-puritans from Proctor Tavern (all ages)

COTTON MATHER: 30-50, speaking role only, Boston minister and writer


MASTER: no age, tall thin man in black, Satan
BALLET DANCERS: for classic ballet sequences
MINIONS: small animals that follow Master (young children)

The possibility is to have some cast members who sing, with minimal choreography and it’s possible to have some cast members who only dance.  This show is a creative work in process.


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4 Responses to “Auditions for Witches! the Musical – June 2012 – Skagit County, WA”

  1. Julie says:

    For the chorus, what’s the difference between “congregation” and “town people”?

  2. admin says:

    “Congregation” are Puritans from Salem Church. “Town People” are from the Tavern and elsewhere. Both groups join as Full Chorus for many of the musical numbers and choreography. There are many singing and spoken solos for members of the Chorus.

  3. lisa says:

    when would rehearsals be? thanks 🙂

  4. admin says:

    Rehearsals would begin the middle of July 2012.