Witches! the Musical

New musical based on the historical events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

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Pit Musicians

Pit musicians for “Witches! the Musical” click “read more” to read full info page.

Musicians check here for updated info and schedules.

Preliminary 2012 Schedule:

  • September 27 – Band with Conrad at LaVenture Middle School, Mount Vernon, WA
  • Oct. 3 – run music with cast
  • Oct. 6 – run through with choreography
  • Oct. 10 – run through with cast
  • Oct. 17 load-in at Lincoln Theater
  • Oct. 18 dress rehearsal at Lincoln Theater
  • Soundtrack recording on location November 1st.
  • Show Dates 2012: Oct. 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31 and Nov. 1 (soundtrack), 2, 3.

Live Musicians:

  • Trumpet – Cindy Luna
  • Guitar – Jeff Bradley
  • Orchestral Percussion – Mary Ellen Stansberry-Hodges
Soundtrack Musicians
  • Orchestrations and Keyboards – Conrad Askland
  • Recorders – Racheal Cogan
  • Guitar – Jeff Bradley
  • Guitar – Jamar Jenkins
  • Bass – Craig Harris
  • Percussion – Eduard Harutyunyan



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2 Responses to “Pit Musicians”

  1. Hi Conrad: I am the usual techy retard. Sorry. I responded on the wrong page, I believe with the auditioners. I am available to play bass in the pit for you show. I would love to work with you again. I have improved since we worked together before and you liked me then. (Performed the Dragonetti Bass Concerto 3 Xs and the Claude Bolling Suite 2Xs and have done other jazz/rock stuff and am in a very god chamber Orchestra.) If you have time, please come on Saturday night June 9th to hear us at Bethany Covenant Church in MV not far from you.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Marilyn,
    For the premiere run the musicians will be playing live to a fully orchestrated soundtrack. The soundtrack will already have the bass parts recorded so I won’t need a live bass player for the show.

    I’ll try to come to your concert. Was great working with you in the past.

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