Witches! the Musical

New musical based on the historical events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

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The Story

Witches! the Musical – Book, Music and Lyrics by Conrad Askland

Witches! the Musical takes place in Salem, Massachusetts 1692 during the witch trials of Oyer and Terminer. The story shows events before, during and after the trials. It features many of the historical figures and events that took place. It also places it’s own spin on events that could have happened during this period; so the story is a combination of historical fact and fiction.

Authors Note: “The historical records of the Salem Witch Trials are fascinating. But to me what was even more fascinating was musing about the relationships between the different characters. What dynamics helped fuel the events? This is the process that helped create this musical rendering of the story. How did they interact? What were they feeling? I also chose many of the events that were most interesting to me. Some of these interesting events are very small in the scope of the historical record. But they make for great theater and for great imagination of what might have been. This is not a documentary, it is entertainment. But in the course of that entertainment a great deal of historical fact is left intact.”

The musical score is a combination of rock, pop, classical and 20th century music styles.


For information on the historical account of the Salem Witch Trials visit:

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