Witches! the Musical

New musical based on the historical events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

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Witches! the Musical World Premiere
Original Program – Letter from the Director
Jane Skinner
October 2012

What an amazing, creative process Witches! has been! When Conrad came to talk to me about six months ago and told me his idea, I was excited right away and honored that he would invite me to share it with him. Thank you, Conrad! We decided to present the show to TAG. The Board of Directors had to make a hard decision of whether to do two shows back-to-back, as Footloose was already in process and we knew that Witches! needed to be a fall show. They were convinced that it was an opportunity not to be passed up. We all had faith in Conrad’s talent and decided we’d do it!

I knew this would be one of the most challenging and creative things I’ve ever done. It certainly has been! The original draft of the script went through several group readings, resulting in as many revisions, and the fine tuning has continued till opening night! I have learned so much! I have learned how to listen and learn from the actual writer and composer of the script and music and help develop his vision.

I have learned so much about a tragic event in history that occurred in Salem, 1692. By bringing an awareness of what happened then, I hope we learn from it. The fear and hysteria that occurred there can be compared to many things in our present time and lives. I sincerely hope that our audiences are moved and stimulated to having thoughts and conversations about what really happened with the trials and how to prevent that kind of thing from happening again.

We were blessed to have such a talented gathering of thespians/singers present themselves at auditions. This cast really cares about the story and each other, and doing their very best. This is a blessing for a director and I thank each and every one of them.

Theater brings together a wide variety of people and we all become a ‘family’. We gather as actors, producers, directors, props organizers, costume creators, set and lighting designers, builders,, and painters. There are the sound and lighting technicians, choreographers, those who help by being ‘on book’ during the rehearsal process, those who work back stage and front of house. We all work together to give you a few hours to sit back and be entertained. Thank you for accepting the very important role of audience that makes this theater thing so magical.

Jane Skinner
Director – Witches! the Musical World Premiere 


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One Response to “Witches! Musical Premiere – Letter from the Director”

  1. Colette Griffith says:

    Hi Jane:
    Just FYI my daughter Bailey has really enjoyed being
    part of this unique production. Her birthday is on Nov. 2nd – a night
    she is performing.
    Looking forward to seeing the show on Halloween night.
    Colette Griffith

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