Witches! the Musical

New musical based on the historical events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

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Witches! the Musical World Premiere
Original Program – Letter from the President
Pat Shreve – 2012 President of Theater Arts Guild
October 2012 

Theater Arts Guild is very excited and proud to bring the World Premier of Witches! the Musical to Skagit County and the Lincoln Theater.

This has been a lifelong dream for Conrad Askland to create his own musical. Taking hiatus from Musical Director for Cirque Du Soleil in China gave him an opportunity to create his dream. Having worked with Jane Skinner several times in the past, he asked her to be the Director, and hoped TAG would produce it. When the two of them approached TAG to Produce the show we were at first hesitant as we already had a fall show in the works, Footloose, which opens at McIntyre Hall on November 3.

After listening to Conrad’s vision and the passion behind it, we thought “we have to do this show.” Although he based the work on actual historical events, with real people from the time of the Salem Witch trials (which can be a very grim tale), Conrad has definitely used his creative genius to make sure the audience is thoroughly entertained.

After countless read-throughs, rewrites and workshops, the show has come to life. The creative team has assembled incredible talent. You, no doubt, will be blown away with the talent right here in the Valley. But it doesn’t take just talented actors, singers and musicians to put on a show like this. For every single person you see on stage there are dozens more behind the scenes. There are sets to be built and painted, and stage hands to move them. There are sound and lighting crews, ushers and ticket takers, costumes to be sewn, and props to be created.

I would especially like to thank our producers, lead by Dan Toomey. Basically every aspect of the show is handled by the producers with the exception of the product on the stage – although the producer still has to pull the reigns in sometimes when the director’s vision doesn’t match with the budget! It is a constant juggle of creativity and finances.

These shows take a tremendous amount of resources, both financial and physical to put together. We urge you to take a moment and volunteer for an upcoming show. Or, if time is of the essence, please consider a financial donation. It takes an entire community to make live theater possible in Skagit County.

The cast and crew thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to come see this show. Please feel free to show your appreciation during the performance and, I guarantee you, they will show it back.

Now, sit back and enjoy the show!

– Pat Shreve, President
Theater Arts Guild 2012


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